GSA Schedule Support - Services
GSA Schedule Program Support

At DCI Objectives we fully understand the process to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract.
Working together with our clients we support the development and preparation of the
documentation required to be submitted to GSA. Not only are the schedule solicitations
lengthy and difficult to understand but the submission for approval is also a lengthy and
complicated document. We have the knowledge and expertise that makes our clients’
efforts the most effective they can be in the process to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract.

Project Methodology
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Basic Project Phases
Project Phase - 1
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Project Phase - 2
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Project Phase - 3
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GSA Schedule Suppport Services from DCI Objectives

We help you, our clients, to understand:
What is the GSA Schedule Program
What are the available GSA Schedules
Who buys through GSA Schedules
Steps to obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract
Documentation required for a GSA Schedule
Establishing pricing for the specific GSA Schedule
Establishing marketing solutions for GSA Customers
Supporting requirements for the GSA Schedule

DCI Objectives helps our clients “survive” the process in
order to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract.